Our Unique Approach

  • Proprietary Time-Based Learning

    Our materials are developed using our exclusive Time-Based Learning approach, which ensures that you can absorb and retain information more effectively.

  • Design for Memory and Recall

    Each piece of content is meticulously crafted to optimize memory and recall, helping you to remember and apply what you've learned.

  • Free and Accessible Primary Content

    We believe in making education accessible to all, so our primary content is free and open to everyone.

What You Get!

We've designed five types of content to match your preferred learning style:

  • Video Shorts: Brief videos that encapsulate key concepts, supported by visual aids and mnemonics.

  • Book Summaries: Quickly absorb key insights from top authors and thought leaders with our concise summaries.

  • Step-by-Step Guides: Simplify entrepreneurship with our detailed, easy-to-follow guides for every business stage.

  • Courses: Enroll in expert-crafted courses on entrepreneurship, personal transformation, clear thinking, and leadership.

  • Podcasts: Get inspired by successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders through insightful conversations and tips.Masterclasses: Learn from top experts sharing their strategies and secrets to success in our masterclasses.

  • Masterclasses: Learn from top experts sharing their strategies and secrets to success in our masterclasses.


Life Long Learner

Mike Parsons

Venture Advisor, Mentor & Coach.

Since quitting university after seven weeks, Mike has achieved remarkable feats. He launched Australia's first internet radio station, lived in Europe and the USA, claimed a Guinness Book of Record, sold his Startup, and publicly listed a company.

Mike is the Founder & CEO of venture studio Apollo Advisors. He is the chairman of Qualitance and Allrites and an advisor to FlowX.AI, Gradient, Wayra Telefonica, and The Scale Factory. He specializes in digital banking and fintech product discovery and works with clients such as Truist Bank and Westpac.

During his career, he's won many global awards - Deloitte Fast 50, Inc. 5000, DA&D Pencils, Cannes Lion's, Effie's – even a TED award. He's appeared on CNN and the FT.

Mike is a life learner; join him for adventures with his Moonshots Podcast. The Podcast has over 100,000 monthly listeners and goes behind the scenes of the world's greatest superstars, thinkers, and entrepreneurs to discover the secrets to their success.